A Fact You Can't Deny

Armored Theory

Heavy metal the way it is supposed to be; the founders would be proud. Thrash, heaviness, melody meet to give you an experience you've been waiting for.

The EP methodically takes of with apocalyptic ”Epic.” This prelude sets the stage rather way for this catalogue of music with its thrashing rock rhythm, thunderous guitar chords and catchy metal core delivery. Track 2 "Ockham’s Messer” delivers more of the same raw intensity that slams your ears into submission with its thought provoking lyrical content, impressive vocal harmonies and overall apocalyptic melody. The CD doesn’t let up Track 3 my personal favorite “Gingerbread Man” hits hard and whips you mental state around like a wild tornado, with melodic guitar and dynamic vocal intensity Ely. As the CD slowly unfolds I can hear influences ranging from Danzig, Type O’ Negative, Fields of the Nephilim, and Poisonblack. I will add that this is one band that has carved out a unique nice for themselves within their unique fusion of sound. The music has everything you would expect from a high octane metal CD but sounds fresh and new. The musical style refuses to be pinned into submission. The vocals are gritty and are deep in your grill, the guitar playing is hot to the touch, and some of the theatrical production touches are borderline brilliant. The songs themselves are reckless, progressive and packed to the hilt with raw intensity and lyrical content straight from the crypt keeper. Ely’s vocal style works well with respect to this style of music with its stereotypical jagged edge delivery. What I like most about the music is its rock solid consistency and live fell almost as if your watching a band perform live. Like a heavy weight boxer the songs keep coming at you one after the other - with no sign of letting up. The EP ends with track 4 “The Dead Man’s Hand” the perfect finale statements for a CD of this caliber.

The latest EP from Armored Theory is a solid and consistent musical teaser from start to finish. Its strength – the impressive "live' vibe, and dark intensity that keeps coming at you song for song. The messages are dark, though provoking, intense and may cause your ears and brain to explode.

  • Cyrus Rhodes, Indie Music Digest

Metal’s detractors like to claim that all metal, be it power metal, gothic metal or stoner rock, is unmusical and amelodic. But sweeping generalizations are quite problematic where metal is concerned. While some metal bands do, in fact, thrive on bombast for the sake of bombast (for example, many grindcore bands), a wide variety of metal (ranging from Judas Priest to Lacuna Coil to Finntroll) is quite musical and melodic. And on their four-song EP, A Fact You Can’t Deny, the Norfolk, Virginia-based Armored Theory provide punk-influenced alternative metal that is loud and in-your-face but is also melodic and nuanced.

Armored Theory’s ability to combine intensity and nuance also serves them well on “Ockham’s Messer” and “The Dead Man’s Hand.” Both are forcefully heavy; neither of those songs will be mistaken for new age or adult contemporary anytime soon. But they also underscore the Virginia residents’ desire to be melodic.

-Alex Henderson, Review You

Armored Theory is a hardcore thrash-fest of high energy adrenaline rage. On their latest EP, A Fact You Can't Deny, the band makes it clear that they are not here to play games. Like a crew of possessed musicians, they approach every song with insane intensity and sheer disregard for order.

On every song, the guitar riffs are chunky and ripe with the necessary grit needed to make great hardcore rock music, while the vocals are strong and borderline Hannibal Lecter in a musically psychotic kind of way. Songs like Epic and Ockham's Messer are perfect examples of how Armored Theory's guitar play and vocal intensity carry the band and are the bed of their overall sound.

Senseitional, I Am Entertainment Magazine

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